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Floating Plastic Ice Cube


These hard plastic, floating ice cubes can be used indefinitely. We make each cube by hand in a standard ice cube tray.


Made to resemble real ice cubes make in freezer trays, these hard floating plastic ice cubes can be re-used indefinitely. The float in most liquids and appear to be a real ice cube — one that never melts under hot lights or for endless takes. In the center of each cube is a cloudy, bubbly section, just like real ice. This adds to the cube’s buoyancy, creating a more realistic floating effect. Crafted from durable, crystal clear polyester resin, they can withstand years of use and occasional abuse.

Made in St Louis, Missouri, USA by hand from American-made materials, each cube is unique. Formed in a standard freezer ice cube tray — they look like like the real thing.

Price is for ONE (1) each plastic ice cube.
These cubes are not edible and should not be used in drinks for consumption.

Additional information

Weight2 oz
Dimensions2 × 1 × 2 in


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