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Cube Restoration

Are your older handmade acrylic cubes looking a little worn? We’re happy to bring your cloudy and scratched cubes back to their former glory. We’ll hand polish and restore your entire collection and get them back to like-new clarity.*

Cloudy acrylic ice cubes
Cloudy acrylic ice cubes
Polished acrylic ice cubes
Polished acrylic ice cubes

Start the process by taking a quick photo of your cubes in their current state, email it to us with the details — how many cubes you have, where you’re located, and your ideal turnaround time. We’ll put together a quote for you ASAP.

Or…. do you have some cubes you no longer use? We can also make an offer for your existing collection. Just email a photo and we’ll make you a fair market value offer based on the age and condition of your items. We’ll even cover the shipping costs.**

*Only handmade, cell-cast, clear acrylic cubes can be restored with this service. Cubes with deep scratches, surface crazing, excessive chipping, and chemical damage will either be unable to be fully restored, or may require additional costs. Email as many photos to illustrate the state of your cubes as necessary and we’ll get back to you.

**USPS Priority Mail within the United States and US Territories only.