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Environmental Impact

We’re primarily a plastics company, which understandably can result in negative implications as far as our effects on the environment are concerned. It is our hope that none of our products would be deemed single use or treated as expendable items. We acknowledge that the production industry can be wasteful at times, and are striving to do our part to reduce our impacts, both direct and indirect, on the planet we all share.

Steps we’re taking to reduce our environmental impact:

  • Utilizing recyclable and/or compostable materials for all packaging and most manufacturing processes where applicable.
  • Eliminating single use plastics throughout our production and packing processes.
    (Our Instant Ice products will be transitioned into 100% aluminum jars which can be reused or recycled more easily than the plastic jars we had been using. We have a small amount of inventory remaining in the plastic jars but these will be completely phased out by the first quarter of 2023.)
  • Sourcing entirely domestically produced (USA, as well as some Canadian and Mexican items as needed) materials and finished products, which means no longer importing any inventory from international manufacturers. We’ll continue to sell items we’ve imported until the entire inventory has been depleted, but will not be reordering those items.
  • Using the smallest and most efficient size of corrugated boxes, as well as eliminating plastic packing materials including bubble wrap, air pillows, plastic tapes, and single use plastic bags. Our paper-based packing materials will contain the highest post-consumer recycled content we can procure. We’ll also continue to take great care that your order arrives in perfect condition.
  • Adding a “perfectly imperfect” category to our online store in order to liquidate any second quality items. Manufacturing errors do sometimes occur and we’d rather these items are put to good use, instead of being sent to a landfill. We’ll happily offer these products at deeply discounted sale prices for customers looking for less-than-perfect prop items.
  • Offering a wide range of ground shipping options, as well as free order pickup in our local market, to ideally reduce the carbon footprint involved in shipping via air carriers.

Our end goal in these initiatives is to continue to provide the same quality of products at the same level of service as always, while striving to reduce our impact on the environment.