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Do you ship internationally? How much will shipping cost?
Yes! We ship all over the globe. The best way to determine your shipping costs is to put items in your basket and begin the checkout process. Our site will provide real-time shipping quotes for all methods available for your country – normally UPS and United States Postal Service. Be aware however, import duties will be required to be paid by the recipient (you) at the time of delivery. We have no control over this requirement of the amount to be paid. We strive to be as accurate as possible in determining the weight and US Customs Harmonized Codes when creating your shipping documents. This ensures that you only pay what is required and it also alleviates unnecessary delays in transit. If you have further questions, please email.

The handmade cube prices are for how many cubes?
The prices in this category are for 1 (one) cube. Our handmade acrylic cubes are the best of their kind available anywhere. They are extremely labor intensive to make, and are shaped and polished to absolute clarity and perfection by hand. There are no automated processes that we could employ to make them less expensive to produce – we’ve tried to reduce the work involved in making these specialty items, and it is simply not possible. The cell cast acrylic, which is basically bullet-proof glass, is expensive to buy, difficult to cut and shape, and requires a six step process to polish. The upside is that these cubes, with proper care and handling on your part, will last for many lifetimes. We know photographers and stylists that have utilized this type of cube for twenty years of regular use. If your cubes begin to look dull or cloudy, send us an email and we will re-polish them and restore them to their prior glory.

Can you rush my order? I need it tomorrow!
The best way to address this is for you to email us prior to placing your order. We will let you know normally within a few minutes of receipt of your email if a rush delivery is possible. You’ll naturally need to choose the fastest (and usually most expensive) shipping method. If you need an order the next day and you do not live in the continental United States or Canada, it is highly unlikely your order will arrive in time. We try our best to get orders out the door as quickly as possible, but there are times when the number of orders we are shipping causes a delay. We ship orders as they come in and do our best to ship within one business day. If there is a major issue that will delay your order, we will inform you immediately. Please ask if you are concerned about timing or if you are unsure which shipping method to choose.

You were located in Brooklyn the last time I ordered. Why did you move to St. Louis?
Simply put, running a business of this nature requires space. We make a lot of the things we sell and manufacturing space is expensive. The cost of doing business in New York City became too great as we started to do more business and required more and more square footage. This would have resulted in higher prices for you. St. Louis is a great town with a large production industry for a city of its size. Space is resonably priced as well. We’re also only five hours from Chicago and much closer to the West Coast, which means orders to those markets will arrive much sooner than when we were shipping from New York. Our business remains basically the same, but we feel we can provide a better level of service by being located in the middle of the country.