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Realistic Icicles


Prop plastic icicles sold by the pound. Made from crystal clear polyester resin, these icicle groups will last indefinitely and will not discolor under UV light.


Handmade and cast in individual molds, our polyester resin icicles are crystal clear. Hang these icicles anywhere to create a winter scene — either for film, video, or print, or for a convincing holiday display. They are easily mounted with hot glue or can be drilled for a more permanent attachment. The back of the icicle group is flat, making them easy to flush mount or apply to any surface or background as needed. The icicles in these groups vary between 2 inches and 8 inches in length (5 to 20 cm).

Please note that due to the nature of these icicle groups, they may arrive in two to three pieces per pound, divided lengthwise. They can be easily attached in a string to appear to be one continuous piece.


Price is for one pound (450g)
A pound of these icicles is equal to roughly 2 linear feet (60 cm)

Made in the USA from polyester resin manufactured in America

Additional information

Weight26 oz
Dimensions16 × 1 × 10 in


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