• Instant Ice Large Granules

Large Instant Ice Granules make realistic looking crushed ice effects with pieces ranging in size from roughly 1 1/2 inch to 2 inches (38 to 50mm). Infinitely more stable than real crushed ice, this product is ideal for almost any application where products need to appear cold for hours on end. Stylists and art departments typically use this powder for:

  • An ice bed for bottles, cans, fish, etc.
  • Cooler shots
  • Centerpieces
  • Floral displays
  • To tint simply add the desired amount of food coloring or beverage base while hydrating according to the package instructions. Check out the additional photos for examples of how this product is used.

Quantity: 6 ounce glass jar, makes up to 2 gallons
(170 gram glass jar, makes up to 7.5 liters)

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Instant Ice Large Granules

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