Custom Fabrication

Need something not found in our online catalog? We can produce specialty items that resemble popular ice machine cubes - crescents, half rounds, cylinders, small shards, rectangular cubes, or pretty much any shape or size (up to 4 inches in thickness) you can imagine. Need a specific shape of floating rubber ice? We can custom form those as well. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Some examples of custom work we've performed for a variety of clients:

Saks 5th Avenue
What company doesn't want to work on the venerable holiday displays of this high end retailer? We jumped at the opportunity to make 2400 icicle groups to their specifications. Our normal studio space wasn't sufficient so we rented additional space to ensure we met the stringent deadline. This was by far our biggest custom job - the resin we used arrived by tractor trailer!


Strongbow Cider
The New York offices of CKSK, a business strategy agency headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, asked us to laser engrave the Strongbow Cider logo on 25,000 large display ice cubes. That's right - 25,000 individually engraved cubes! Unhappy with the quotes we were recieving from companies we contacted to subcontract the engraving portion of the job, we decided to purchase an Epilog Laser for this (and future jobs). Need something engraved or cut with a laser? Email us with your specifications and we can put together a quote. Due to some overruns on this job, we have some extra engraved cubes for sale on the site. You can find them here, sold in sets of 20!


GE Monogram
The manager of the New York design district showroom of GE Monogram appliances asked us to create several hundred crescent ice cubes that resemble the distinct shape and size the Monogram machines produce. We created custom molds from their example and turned out the order in a short amount of time. Want to buy cubes like these? We now sell them as well: Coming soon!


Movie Prop Ice
The film is in production, so we can't disclose the title or any other details. We can say it's a major production directed by a top name in the film world. The prop master contacted us with very specific requirements: The cubes needed to fit in ice cube trays he had purchased for the scene and he needed 96 cubes delivered within a two week deadline. His response upon receiving his fake ice: "They are fantastic!" The results were good enough to put into our regular retail inventory - you can buy them here: Coming soon!


J. Walter Thompson Atlanta
An advertising agency was working on a piece for an award show. Their client, an insurance company that specializes in flood coverage, wanted coctail ice cubes shaped like small houses. We modeled the houses, cast the cubes in clear resin and sent the molds along as well. The agency wanted to make real ice cubes from the molds, which required the use of food-safe silicone. We were happy to make it happen!


We can embed products or other items in fake ice cubes. SKYN, an Icelandic beauty products company, asked us to make a three inch cube with one of their products embedded inside. Here's the result of their sample.

Embedded Plastic Ice Cube


Clear Krampus Horns
New York photographer Eric Johnson asked us to make custom cast Krampus horns for a conceptual piece he's creating. He provided us with a matching set of goat horns from a local farm. We made the mold and cast several sets of horns in clear resin. This is a photo of the end results, but we're still anxiously anticipating the final images Eric will create with our horns.

Krampus Horns