Ice Prop Shop specializes in creating acrylic ice cubes for photography and film production. Our handmade cubes are produced by artisans in our Brooklyn, NY studio. Utilizing proprietary techniques developed over three years of research, we make what we believe to be the most convincing artificial ice products in the industry.

While we take the utmost pride in our signature handmade cubes, we also carry an array of items for budget-conscious productions. Our molded cubes, crushed ice, and instant ice products fit the needs of many of our clients. Our tools have been carefully selected to aid in the styling process. We can also provide advice and guidance for the best way to use our products. Additionally, we are planning an instructional video series to cover the basics of beverage styling - check back here for more info.

We encourage you to email or call us with the specifications of your shoot. We can make recommendations about the size, shape and quantity of ice you will need. Also, we would be happy to confidentially review your layouts or storyboards to gain a better understanding of the type of ice that will benefit your production.