Floating Rubber Ice Cubes

Floating Rubber Ice Cubes
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We have made what we believe to be the most realistic FLOATING artificial ice cubes on the market. These clear RUBBER ice cubes look and perform like real ice from your freezer (with the exception of not being actually frozen). They float, they have that classic ice cube tray look, they even have a cloudy interior and trapped bubbles just like real ice!

The ideal uses for these cubes are for:
TV, feature films, or anywhere else that realistic looking fake ice is needed to last for hours or days at a time. Don't worry about continuity any longer when it comes to ice in a glass - these cubes are made of clear rubber and will last for weeks at a time in the same drink!

Additionally, these cubes offer the following benefits:

  • They can be easily trimmed, cut, or broken into smaller pieces.
  • They don't make "clinking" noises in the glass like real ice cubes - actors are free to interact with the ice without causing audio problems.
  • Ideal for any production that calls for floating, realistic looking ice.
  • These cubes will remain unchanged for hours or even over the course of several days of shooting.
  • They're less expensive than buying or renting realistic looking acrylic cubes - treat them like any other expendable!

Quantity: 1 each

Dimensions: 1 1/2" x 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" (38x32x32mm)

Normally ships in 1-2 business days.

Product Code FLOOIDLI28
Manufacturer Ice Props
Condition New
Weight 0.125Lb

You can save money on this item when you purchase several at a time. The table below shows the minimum quantities required to benefit from this offer, and how much they'll cost.

Quantity Price per unit
5+ $5.90
10+ $5.80
15+ $5.70
20+ $5.50
50+ $5.25

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photo stylist

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LOVE THESE! We have a call for drink styling 1-3 times a month in my employers' studio and we have found these cubes to be a phenomenal tool. No more lumps of acrylic on the bottom of a pitcher! And we now have the luxury of time on set, which makes everyone breathe a little easier. Yes, they are rather fragile and when they aren't handled carefully, they will start to break apart, but hey, isn't that what real ice does? They will take on a bit of a cast if left in a colored liquid too long, but we make sure we rinse them as quickly as possible. They've lasted us well over a year. My only wish is to have different shapes available in order to get different looks without having to cut/trim the cubes. (28 Nov 2012, 14:11)
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